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Giovanni Bizzotto is an inventor and innovator. Able to make a virtue of necessity thanks to a natural ingenuity and the ability to see beyond, he founded his own individual company in his home garage in 1957: today, that individual company has become the Bizzotto Giovanni Automation SRL, located in San Giorgio in Bosco (PD), Italy. The company designs and builds innovative and sophisticated machines for the automation of the manufacturing industry by applying revolutionary solutions: its capacity for growth makes the company one of the most original and interesting realities in the mechanical sector. This has been made possible thanks to constant technological research and development of increasingly sophisticated automation systems able to multiply benefits while containing costs and waste. All of this can be achieved without sacrificing human connection. Our horizons have expanded to the point where we have become suppliers of unique machines for various industrial sectors. We design and build completely automated equipment, machines and lines, all tailored to our customers. At first, we specialized in the cleaning and woodworking sector but, thanks to continuous investment in research and personnel, we are now able to approach every sector.

Our experience

We have achieved much and want to reach even further.

In these years we matured a long experience in various sectors, experimenting with highly customized solutions for the multitude of Customers that have requested our help to optimize or simplify their production processes. Our first automations were for painting plants and assembly machines for telescopic handles, broom handles and floor cleaning items. In the woodworking sector, we have designed CNC milling machines (with downstream sanding machines) to assemble handles, brushes and paint brushes. In the packaging sector, we have built packaging and palletization lines. In the oral hygiene sector, we have designed packaging machines equipped with automatic toothbrush, head and interdental brush feeding systems. We have successfully tackled a wide variety of sectors: monofilament shears, ultrasonic welders, sheet metal tilters, drawing machines and equipment assemblers. In many cases, we have then automated the entire process, from assembly to packaging to palletization.

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